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A dog helps his man to sell even though they are both wet from the rain

Source: Dogs and Puppies Philippines/ Facebook

In three videos posted by netizen Lordy Soriano on the Facebook public group “DOGS and PUPPIES Philippines,” you can see a man driving a cart that can be seen as a salesman. He was with his dog as it was tied to the cart.

The two can be seen walking on the side of the road even though it is raining heavily. Moments later the man, along with his dog, stepped aside to take shelter.

Here are the comments made by netizens regarding the video.

"Poor father and the dog," said one.

Some hope that someone will help them. They said they might get sick because they got wet from the rain.
Another added, "It's heartbreaking .. it's a pity they're both really left with nothing."

So far the said post has 697 reacts, 100 comments, and 145 shares.

This is proof that the dog is called "man's bestfriend." No matter where their boss goes and no matter what happens, they will remain loyal to the people who truly love and care for those like them. A kind of friendship that can last a long time.


Source: Dogs and Puppies Philippines/ Facebook

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